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Kingdom IHS 2021 - create project and import seismic lines (2D)

Open Kingdom and "Create Project". It will ask that you name your project and choose a folder (directory) for it.

Choose an author name for you.

We have to choose a Database Type. Here we'll choose "Auto SQL Server Express".


We will set everything to metric scale (our data is in metric scale).

We will eventually import shapefiles to make our maps. These are part of what they call "Culture" files, so we may choose to use these are data bounds. Check the "Culture" box.

This should open:

Now we’ll prepare to import seismic data (2D). SEGY files are complex, so we use the app “SeismicExplore” to help find the positions where the data we want are stored at. “SeismicExplore” should have been downloaded with your Kingdom. Search for it in the Windows search bar and Open it. It will show this “welcome" message:

If you want to add more/other directories:

This is what we'll be seeing:

We need to find where the file has stored the: 1) X location; 2) Y location; and 3) CPD number or Shotpoint. We will later use that info in Kingdom to correctly import our SEGY files.

Go to Kingdom again.

If you want to import a shapefile before importing your seismic files, go to Import>Culture>layer

Now let’s import seismic data. Go to Import>SEGY. If you want to import seismic 2D files using the info you obtained in "SeismicExplore", choose the second option.

Browse to choose import data. We will set the Data Domain to "Time" because or data (from ANP - Associação Nacional do Petróleo - Nacional Petroleum Association) are in Time domain.

Below I placed Kingdom and Seismic Explore windows side by side so it's easier to see which data I should use.

So let’s make our map cleaner. Having your BaseMap “selected” (click on the upper BaseMap tab), go to Geophysics>Annotations. First go to “Text Options”:

Then go to “Line options”:

Now we have a map that's much cleaner.

To open (visualize) a line, just double click on it:

If you want to see the entire line:

Note that the base map will show the section of the line showing in the panel.

You may choose to change the color scale of your seismic line:

There are many options in the color bar panel.

To visualize the scale bar:

You may change the default options for the scale bar by going to User Preferences > Colors > Seismic Default

The User Preferences tab has a lot of options for you to set up your working environment in a way that suits your needs better. So just check the options. For instance, I like to "Enable Mouse Center Wheel Zoom" because I find it easier to zoom in and out with my mouse.

I hope this helps!

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